Ken Hagler: Spiritual Director

Writings and Recordings

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My writings and recordings on spiritual formation and spiritual growth are available at my blog: Jedi Pastor Ken.  I write and publish here weekly.  My writings here have been light-hearted to heart-felt.  Spiritual growth and formation has been a subject of  interest for many years and you'll find that in much of my writings.  You'll find sermon notes and personal letters as well as other topics.  


Download Recordings From Ken

 In addition to my writings, I regularly post sermon recordings and seminars regarding topics of spiritual formation.  Current links are often on my blog.  Here, I am including a series on the foundational practices of spiritual growth.  Clicking on a link will open a new page on where you will be able to download each part of this four part series.

Methods of Spiritual Maturity part 1

Methods of Spiritual Maturity part 2: Scripture Reading

Methods of Spiritual Maturity part 3: Prayer Practices

Methods of Spiritual Maturity part 4: Fasting and the Rule of Life